3 months ago

And the winner is...

Hi there,


We are blown away by all of your amazing submissions to the Lensathon! After reviewing 250+ Lenses, the judges have weighed in, and we're excited to share the news! 


1st Place | $40,000 USD   Voxelize
2nd Place | $30,000 USD   Any Where
3rd Place | $20,000 USD   The Mystery of King Tut: An Adventure Through Time
4th Place | $15,000 USD   Table Towers
5th Place | $10,000 USD   A Farmer's Life


 Silver | $5,000 USD

6th Place   Danger Zone
7th Place   Art Styles
8th Place   Multispectral

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4 months ago

Final call for submissions

There are only 3 days left to complete your submission for Snap AR Lensathon.

5 months ago

Did you say prizes?!

Hi there,

Thanks for being a part of the Snap AR Lensathon! As if learning how to build for AR experiences just isn’t enough incentive for you, here’s a reminder of the prize potential for eligible participants 

There are two weeks left so you have plenty of time to get going!

Gold: 1st Place $40,000 USD

2nd Place $30,000 USD

3rd Place $20,000 USD

4th Place $15,000 USD

5th Place $10,000 USD

Silver: 6th - 15th Places (10) $5,000 USD

The next ten winners are silver

Bronze: 16th - 25th Places (10) $2,500 USD

The next ten winners are bronze

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5 months ago

Collaboration, Resources + More To Help You Build

Hey Builder!


Whether or not you have started building your Snap Lensathon Lens, the Participant’s tab is the perfect place to connect with other builders if you want to work on a team. You can have teams of up to three people.


The Participants Tab is there to help you search for other people looking to team up, check out their skills, and message them to see if they want to collaborate.


Figuring out where to start with your project can sometimes be a hurdle in your creation's journey. The Resources Tab can be a great place

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5 months ago

Workshops by the Snap AR team produced just for you

Hi there,

We are so excited you've decided to register for the Snap Lensathon! We can't wait to see what you've come up with and we want to help you succeed, so the Snap AR team has put together a series of workshops just for you! Watch live every Thursday at 9am PST, or if you can't make it, check out the recordings. There is one every week (with a bonus on Tuesday January 24th) until the submission deadline, which is January 31st at 2pm PST.


Creating shared experiences in Lens Studio
  • by Jacob Knipfing &…

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6 months ago

Live Workshop: 3D Hand Tracking

Join us tomorrow for the first workshop during this hackathon to help you learn more about Snap AR. 


3D Hand Tracking: Interacting with objects in AR using 3D hand tracking

by Laura Chambers & Elena Nizhnik


Thursday, December 15th at 9am PST

Watch here


See you soon!