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3 months ago

Workshops by the Snap AR team produced just for you

Hi there,

We are so excited you've decided to register for the Snap Lensathon! We can't wait to see what you've come up with and we want to help you succeed, so the Snap AR team has put together a series of workshops just for you! Watch live every Thursday at 9am PST, or if you can't make it, check out the recordings. There is one every week (with a bonus on Tuesday January 24th) until the submission deadline, which is January 31st at 2pm PST.


Creating shared experiences in Lens Studio
  • by Jacob Knipfing & Oscar Falmer
  • Thursday, January 5th at 9am PST
  • Watch here


Remote Assets
Improve performance and create richer experiences using Lens Cloud
  • by Olha Rykhliuk & Elena Nizhnik
  • Thursday, January 12th at 9am PST
  • Watch here


Custom Components
Improve your workflow using Custom Components
  • by Len Deuel & Elena Nizhnik
  • Tuesday, January 17th at 9am PST
  • Watch here


Bring realism to your scene using physics
  • by Yao Wang & Oscar Falmer
  • Thursday, January 19th at 9am PST
  • Watch here


Location AR (spatial persistence)
Create location-based experiences for local landmarks
  • by Eric Nersesian & Elena Nizhnik
  • Tuesday, January 24th at 9am PST
  • Watch here


Debugging & Optimization
Optimize your lens and assets with custom debugging tools
  • by Amani Abbas & Oscar Falmer
  • Thursday, January 26th at 9am PST
  • Watch here

This week’s workshop is on creating multiplayer shared experiences and is hosted by Jacob Knipfing and Oscar Falmer. Don't miss it and set your reminder now!