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How to build shopping and fashion lenses

The links below will show you how to build an AR Try-On Lens. Through Snap AR, shoppers can visualize, try on, and experience products before buying them — helping increase conversations and reduce returns, benefitting shoppers and businesses alike. 

Try-On Body Mesh Voice UI
Foot Tracking Wrist Tracking True Size Object
Cloth Simulation Cloth Simulation Try-On AR Fashion Snap Tutorial


Additional Resources

Build a Lens using APIs

Utilize external APIs to create rich, entertaining AR experiences. Check out these guides to learn more:

Build a Lens using Machine Learning with Snap ML in Lens Studio

ML Models provide instructions for applying an algorithm in order to arrive at a result. Check out these guides to learn more:


Use Lens Cloud to Build connected Lenses Using Body Tracking in Lens Studio

Connected Lenses are a type of Lens that allows you to pass and store data between devices that are running the same Lens, whether they're in the same location or different locations. Check out these guides to learn more: