•   about 2 months ago

How long does lens approval take?

How long does it take for our lens to be approved once we submit it? Looks like we can't get the public lens URL until the lens is approved.

We're putting finishing touches and won't be able to submit it till tmrw morning (deadline is 2pm PT tmrw) - but we can't get the public URL until it's approved.

Should we just submit a placeholder lens for now to get the URL, and then update it before the deadline with the full lens?

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  • Manager   •   about 2 months ago

    Hi Ashwin,

    The approval process is generally pretty quick but I cannot say for certain so close to the deadline. Please add as much to your submission as possible (you can edit your submission) so that in the event your Lens is approved with just a few minutes remaining, there is only one thing to add: the published URL.
    I do not suggest putting another Lens in place of your submission as it would not be representative of your submission and could lead to a lot of confusion. Note, no changes may be made to your submission after the deadline.
    Best of luck!

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