•   2 months ago

Questions on lens preview video

As this is my first time publishing a lens, I have a couple of questions regarding the preview video that I couldn't find in the guideline docs.
1. Should we include sound/music?
2. Are we allowed to feature kids (below 13)?


  • Manager   •   2 months ago

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Thanks for participating! That's awesome you're already ready to submit :) Great questions.

    No need to include sound, but if you do, it must be licensed/royalty-free. There are lots of free options on sites like zapsplat and artlist.io. (Note this rec <- is not sponsored.) You can also check out the galleries of previous Lensathons to see what others have done if you'd like.
    You can feature whoever you wish in your preview video.

    Best of luck!

  •   •   2 months ago

    Thanks so much for clarifying!

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