This Lensathon is over, but head on over to the Snap AR Blog to read about the GOLD winners and their Lenses.


What to Build

Use your creativity and the power of Lens Studio to push the boundaries of augmented reality. Leverage the front or back camera to create novel, delightful, and unique experiences that showcase your skills. As you start to build your Lens, think about how to create it with monetization in mind.


Some ideas and guidance for the Lens

  • Use Remote Assets in Lens Cloud creating an experience of up to 33 mb which will push your Lens to the next level
  • Leverage the power of our human based capabilities: 3D body & hand tracking, segmentations
  • Create multiplayer experiences using Connected Lenses at the same location or remotely
  • Use SnapML to recognize the environment and objects and offer relatable experiences that make your Lens smarter
  • Think about inputs: Voice, Hands, Screen, what can be used to interact with AR?
  • Leverage 3rd Party APIs to get external data  with Weather, Air Quality, Sports Results (Tennis, Soccer, Football, Cricket, Basketball), Astrology, Translate, Stock and crypto market data
  • Immerse the real world by 3D scanning areas and creating customized located experiences using Custom Landmarker


What to Submit

  • Lens Name
  • Lens URL: An unlocked URL of your Lens. Your Lens must be public and published! 
  • Lens ID: A copy of your Lens ID, which can be found by going to My Lenses and selecting the Lens you need the ID from. Select the copy icon and your Lens ID will be copied to your clipboard.
  • Lens Preview Video: A 10-second (maximum) video in a Lens preview video that was captured on a phone and does not utilize Lens Studio models/characters. Tag your Lens "LF22"
  • OPTIONAL, but recommended: Lens Roadmap - If you were able to monetize this lens, how would you do it? What features would you add? Would you work with brands? Please describe the next 1-3 phases of the development of your lens.

(Be sure to follow the Lens Studio Submission Guidelines before you submit your project on Devpost.)


Head over to the Workshops page for live and on-demand sessions with the Snap AR team!

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$200,000 in prizes

Gold: 1st Place

The top five winners are gold. 1st place will receive $40,000 USD

Gold: 2nd Place

The top five winners are gold. 2nd place will receive $30,000 USD

Gold: 3rd Place

The top five winners are gold. 3rd place will receive $20,000 USD

Gold: 4th Place

The top five winners are gold. 4th place will receive $15,000 USD

Gold: 5th Place

The top five winners are gold. 5th place will receive $10,000 USD

Silver: 6th - 15th Places (10)

The next ten winners are silver. 6th - 15th places will receive $5,000 USD

Bronze: 16th - 25th Places (10)

The next ten winners are bronze. 16th - 25th places will receive $2,500 USD

Honorable Mentions (5)

Five projects will be honorably mentioned and receive $2,000 USD

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


A qualified panel of judges from Snap

A qualified panel of judges from Snap

Judging Criteria

  • Idea Quality
    How creative, original or innovative is the idea?
  • Potential Impact
    Does the solution have a real-world impact and does it provide some sort of value to users?
  • Implementation of Idea
    How well was the idea implemented technologically?
  • Pitch
    Did the pitch communicate why the team settled on the specific solution? Were they able to articulate the value to users?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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