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Feedback Submission

Is it mandatory to submit a Lens for the feedback submission and prize? There are issues with the Lens - and it is the basis for some of the feedbacks.

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    Private user Manager   •   5 months ago

    Hi there,

    Thanks for participating in the Lensathon! I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with the Lens. Have you reached out to the Snap community for support? We definitely value any feedback you have, but unfortunately an eligible submission is required in order to be eligible for the Feedback Prize:
    "Feedback Submissions: To be considered for the Most Valuable Feedback bonus prize, participants must be registered for the Lensathon on Devpost, submit an eligible Submission to the Lensathon, and complete an online form. Feedback must be submitted during the Feedback Period and must include actionable feedback that Snap can use to improve the product (for example, bug reports, user interface improvements, suggested integrations, and more)."

    There will be an after-hackathon survey you can fill out as well.

    Thanks so much!

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