•   5 months ago

Best way to record a preview video when submitting a lens

Hello, when I record a preview video using the Snapchat camera on my phone and try to add it in lens studio I get an error saying the minimum resolution should be 720 x 1280, but the saved video from Snapchat always has a lower resolution. Is there another way to record AR Lenses? Using a 9:16 aspect ratio also does not work. I tried to check the preview submission docs but could not find anything to help. https://docs.snap.com/lens-studio/references/guides/publishing/configuring/creating-a-preview-video/


  • Manager   •   5 months ago

    Hi Harry,

    I'll try to get this question responded to as soon as possible! In the meantime, please also try posting it in the Snap community forum: https://community.snap.com/snapar - someone from the community or Snap team may be able to see it and respond there as well.

  •   •   5 months ago

    Okay let me do that

  •   •   5 months ago

    To anyone else who might be struggling with this issue, I solved it by using this tool to resize my video: https://www.onlineconverter.com/resize-video

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